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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I like most about being unemployed

I think the best part about being unemployed is the fact that now I can watch the entire NCAA basketball tournament. Now, I am not talking about that commercialized, money-generating men's tournament. No, I am talking about the NCAA women's basketball tournament. I know a lot of people out there are wondering why I would say this, but there are several valid reasons.

1. The women's game is played much slower than the men's game. This is very important because sometimes the men play at such a fast pace that I have trouble seeing the ball and I can't tell the players apart because it is just a blur. The women think of their fans and play at half speed.
2. The women are not jumping to the WNBA after 1 year. This is a problem with the men's game. It takes me all year to learn their names (see #1), and then the year ends and they go to the NBA. And then I have to learn a whole new set of player's names. I am thankful that the women keep this in mind and do not leave school early for the WNBA.
3. The women keep the integrity of the game in tact. They do not show off and do 360 windmill dunks or ally oops. No, they are fundamental. Nothing gets a women's basketball crowd aroused like a nice bounce pass.
4. In this post-9/11 economy, it is important be smart about your financials. I know since I lost my job I no longer get a large soda beverage at Wendy's. I cut it down to a medium and take that difference straight to the bank. Similarly, it is important to look at the cost for tickets. For example, at Indiana University I could get SEASON women's basketball tickets for less than $20 more than I could get ONE TICKET to a men's game. That's like 15 more games! Sure, I would see more dunks at the men's game, but at least at the women's games I can leave in the middle to get a popcorn and come back without missing anything. I like this!

I think the television stations realize these points as well. ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports, is broadcasting the women's tournament, while CBS, the worldwide leader in investigating crime scenes, is broadcasting the men's tournament. Obviously, this must prove something. Regardless, I can't wait for the women's tournament to start. Nothing says March Madness like women's basketball.

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