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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Antawn Jamison Face


I attended a Washington Wizards vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game this past Monday. I believe it was here that I lost one of my most sentimental possessions: my Antawn Jamison bubble gum face. This is replica Antawn Jamison face that I have sculpted from actual pieces of bubble gum that I have received from Antawn following many Washington Wizards games. This is a very real looking replica. I once fooled everyone at Halloween by putting it on my face like a mask.

I was sitting in section 106, near the top. I cannot remember the exact row and I seem to have misplaced my ticket. I always hold up the face for good luck in attempt to bring victory to my Wizards. I remember vividly waving the face and screaming at the end of the game (I may have scared a small child seated next to me), and became elated with my Wizards impending victory. I believe it was due to this elation that I accidentally left my Antawn Jamison bubble gum face under my seat.

This face is very sentimental to me. I do not believe that it is very valuable to the general public. Perhaps $30 maximum. Believe me when I say I would pay much more to get my Antawn Jamison bubble gum face back. It looks exactly like Antawn Jamison, but it is made of entirely of bubble gum. However, it is not sticky. I did not stick this sculpture to the bottom of the chair. This gum is HARD!

Please advise me on to do to obtain my bubble gum face.

Thank you,
Sasha Kaun

fromTanke, Matt
dateTue, Mar 10, 2009 at 12:30 PM
subjectAntawn Jamison Face

Hi Sasha! I would love to help you find your lost Antawn Jamison Bubble Gum Face. I'll do some checking around with security and go look in section 106. However, to better help do you have a picture of this object? I can email this to our staff to see if they've seen anything.

Please pass along a photo when you get a chance.

Thank you!


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