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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


fromSasha Kaun
dateTue, Sep 15, 2009 at 2:08 PM

Hello Stacy,

I recently (Sunday!) attended my first Colts game in Lucas Oil Stadium. I enjoyed many of the features of the stadium including the tractor. I have been doing research on the www and I believe this is the only NFL stadium with a tractor inside of it. Can you confirm this?

The reason I am writing this email is because the television screen in section 206 was dirty. Often time I wondered if Peyton Manning had grown a mole. Or if Drew Brees had given Peyton his mole as a gift. Can you confirm that what I was seeing was on the television screen and not Peyton Manning's new mole? As a result, I am proposing a CLEAN THE SCREEN! initiative where someone will clean the screen. Therefore, residents of section 206 will not be confused by these new moles on Peyton's face or apparent giant holes in the field that Reggie Wayne had to run around or risk injury.

My only other complaint was the weather. I was hot. Is there anyway to fix this? The RCA Dome didn't used to be hot.

However, I did enjoy the mustard the Colts provided. It was great yellow mustard. I have written my congressman several times telling him that I am pro-mustard and to support such bills and it appears he has listened.

Also, is there a way I can rent Air Blue during the week? I would like to use him at birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and to scare people coming out of the movie theatre.

I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Go Colts!


fromJohns, Stacy
toSasha Kaun
dateTue, Sep 15, 2009 at 2:27 PM


Thank you for your support and I am glad you enjoyed your first experience at Lucas Oil Stadium. I have sent your message on to the person responsible for getting those screens cleaned (or fixed). Please let me know if you do not see an improvement by the next home game.

Thanks and GO COLTS!


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